I’m on a roll right now with my blog posts! I want to make all of my shoots more accessible to my potential clients so that they can see what my work looks like as a whole instead of my favorites that I choose to put in my photography galleries. I just feel like there’s a whole lot of value in doing blog posts by showing what an entire session with me looks like. So, I hope that y’all are enjoying seeing these!
Today I’m sharing engagement photos of Kerri and Scott that I took last month!
I met Kerri at an open mic poetry night at the A&M Theater back home in Florida about 6 or 7 years ago. My friends owned the venue at the time and I loved attending all the events and snapping lots of photos. I ended up taking some of Kerri, getting her info and tagging her on Facebook. We’ve remained friends online ever since and we both ended up moving to Colorado. When she and Scott got engaged she reached out to me about shooting their wedding! It warms my heart that she thought of me and I’m soooo incredibly excited to shoot this precious couple’s wedding in October!

So for this session I met Kerri and Scott at the John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen to start. We walked around, took advantage of all the pretty trees, bridges, and pathways. They giggled their way through the beginning of the session and let me tell you, these two are the sweetest little lovebirds. I had a blast!
We had some daylight left once we finished up in Aspen so we headed down valley to Basalt and drove up the snowy road toward Mount Sopris. And I have to commend them for putting up with this overcast, evening chill air because it was pretty dang cold but totally worth it. I looooove the way these turned out with the views of the valley and Sopris towering in the background of some shots.
Hope that y’all love these like I do!