So, this summer my boyfriend and I went on a camping/road trip around Colorado and as we were driving to the Twin Lakes area I was mentioning how I really want to see a moose. I had never seen one before and I hear about people seeing them all the time here in Colorado! Well, we drive to the reservoir that’s near Twin Lakes and low and behold we see two female moose walking into the lake. Not even an hour after we had been talking about them and I was in awe, life’s little synchronicities and manifestations never cease to amaze me! Funnily enough as we drove to the South Park area in the Tarryall Mountain Range we ended up seeing a giant male bull moose later that evening! Three in one day, like what!?

Okay, so now fast forward to only a month later and I’m hanging out with my lovely friend Kat, we were planning to hang out, go walk around Maroon Bells and snap some photos. In the car on the way there, Kat is like, “It would be so cool if we saw a moose, people see them all the time and I haven’t seen one.” So I tell her my story about seeing 3 in one day. And guess what we saw midway through taking photos at Maroon Bells? Yeah…. a freakin’ moose!!! And not even 15 feet away from us.
Moral of the story, life is cool like that. And if you ask for moose then life apparently hands them out like lemons, or hot cakes, or something…


So, here’s some photos of my beautiful friend Kat frolicking around the Bells and a pretty sweet dude moose chillin and munchin on some grass!