I’m kind of attempting to play catch up right now, I’ve neglected to post on my blog for quite a while now. I’ve done a ton of shoots since Fall and I want to share them with you all! I do try to keep my Facebook and Instagram up to date with content, but my blog falls to the wayside all the time. 
Anyways, this post is a little mini portrait session I did with my room mate one day for fun! This was totally on a whim, I picked out his clothes and we went on a walk around town in New Castle. I really liked how they turned out, and it goes to show that you can truly snap a lot of quality images of someone in less than 20 minutes! 
I love our little downtown area here in New Castle. It’s small, but has a lot of history as an old Colorado mining town and honestly makes for a great photo location in my opinion. I love the old buildings, decayed wood and general atmosphere of our quiet town.
I know he looks like a serious dude, but don’t be fooled – he was giggling for like 5 minutes in between each set of photos 😉