Ashley + Jordan · Arlington, Washington at Stilly Brook Farm · Wedding Photographer

Today I get to share yet another very special wedding with you all.
I was absolutely thrilled when my aunt, Ashley, reached out to me to shoot her wedding. I was excited for a number of reasons, the main one being that I haven't been able to spend much time with this part of my family throughout my life. In fact, Ashley and I have only met once before this and nearly all of our communication over the years has been through text and social media. My heart was so warm upon the request to come up and capture this celebration of love while also getting the chance to bond with my family. This made it a truly memorable wedding. It was the union of two wonderful souls, Ashley and Jordan, and the reconnection of family that we had all been eager for.
Ashley is this sweet, wonderful mother and incredibly nice human being. Jordan is the direct reflection of her sweetness, and has this sense of humor that has to be witnessed in person. Together they are a dynamic and beautiful couple that I am so ecstatic about capturing. Endless gratitude to both of them for allowing me to capture their love for each other and their gorgeous children.
The wedding was hosted north of Seattle in the beautiful area of Arlington, Washington at Stilly Brook Farm. Stilly Brook Farm is this beautifully maintained property with a gorgeous barn that the wedding took place in. We utilized the property and took photos all around the yard of the house that sat in front of the barn.
I had so much fun traveling to Washington to celebrate and capture the love of Ashley and Jordan. Spending time with my family who I have rarely been able to see was just the cherry on top of a wonderful experience.

Flowers by Stadium Flowers
Wedding planning was done by Becca Pribble of Forget Me Not Events
Hair and makeup was done by Brianne of The Looking Glass Hair and Makeup Lounge
Venue was Stilly Brook Farm

Leigh + Kate · New Orleans, Louisiana · Wedding Photographer

Ahhh, I've been wanting to post this one all summer since I shot it! And I am beyond excited to share this with you all because this wedding is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I cry almost every time I'm going through the ceremony images. No joke. I'm an emotional person and if I'm shooting your wedding, I'm probably shooting through tears, haha. The love always hits me right in the feels.

So, some backstory for this one. I never had cousins growing up, I never had anyone in my family who was my age. Everyone was so much older than me. This is because my mom, being the oldest of her siblings and cousins, had me young and therefore I was the only child in the family for at least a decade, if not more. Well, when my grandfather married his wife, my wonderful step-grandmother Anne, I finally got some cousins who were at the very least, somewhat close to my age. And I thought they were the bees knees, especially Leigh. This is because she was the closest in age to me, and the fact that she was slightly older just made me want to do everything she did. Y'all, I thought she was the freakin' coolest girl. But, like most kids that have an annoying younger child practically stepping on their heels, the feeling was not mutual. To be fair, I totally needed someone to pick on me, being the only child of a whole family for a long time, that was one part of growing up that just never happened to me until I met Leigh.

Lets fast forward to the present. Leigh has grown up to be this incredible woman who still inspires me. And even though I'm not physically stepping on her heels trying to follow her around at family functions, I follow her on social media and I'm just constantly amazed at her beautiful writing, her ability to connect with others and tell stories, and her infinitely intriguing adventures. On top of this, she is hilarious... I mean like, really really hilarious. Contagious laugh and all, she had me laughing this whole weekend that I spent in New Orleans.

Basically, she's still the freakin' coolest girl.

Now on to the next chapter of this story. We get out of life and love what we put in to it, right? Right. And that's why Leigh has Kate. Leigh is incredible, so Kate is incredible. Simple as that. I met Kate for the first time when Leigh brought her to the beach to visit my parents and I a while back. You know those people who, upon first meeting, give you the feeling that you can be comfortable and you just feel welcomed? Like, you just stepped into your grandmothers house and she's made you this warm cooked meal and you just feel right at home, because you are? Yeah, Kate is one of those people. She is warm, kind, genuine, and all around the sweetest.

I am so grateful to have been there to capture their celebration of love and commitment to one another. My step dad, Mark, was the officiant of this gorgeous and intimate ceremony in New Orleans City Park, and he is an absolutely incredible speaker, I wish y'all could hear what he wrote. It was so very beautiful, and I hope that you can feel the emotions through these images.

Doing wedding photography never ceases to be an unforgettable experience. Each wedding is so unique and extraordinarily special, every time I leave from shooting a wedding I just feel like I'm glowing from the inside out. Feeling the love exchanged between the bride and bride, the family, and friends is pretty indescribable. I feel so blessed for the people that put their trust in me as their photographer.


Keegan + Will · 30a, Grayton Beach, Florida · Wedding Photographer

Hi there! Once again I have put off posting on the blog for a long time. This wedding is from the end of 2014, and was just absolutely beautiful.

Better to share photos late than never at all, right? Haha!


Rebecca and Murray's Wedding {Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet} || Grayton Beach, Florida || 30a Wedding Photographer

I'm a little slow on the blog posts this year, but I'll get better, I promise!

When I was asked to shoot a Rebecca and Murray's wedding, I was so so excited! They've been family friends for years now, and I'm so happy to have seen them tie the knot....but this was no ordinary wedding, it was a surprise wedding! Nearly everyone who was invited thought they were going to be attending Rebecca's birthday party, but as the guests arrived they quickly realized they walked into a wedding and it was so fun to see the reactions.

The wedding took place at Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet which is an absolutely beautiful coffee house with a huge garden in the back for events. The backdrop is absolutely stunning, it really is a perfect location for a wedding.

Rebecca and Murray's wedding was fun and perfect! I'm so incredibly happy for them and their two beautiful children.