Daniel · New Castle, Colorado · Portrait Photographer

I’m kind of attempting to play catch up right now, I’ve neglected to post on my blog for quite a while now. I’ve done a ton of shoots since Fall and I want to share them with you all! I do try to keep my Facebook and Instagram up to date with content, but my blog falls to the wayside all the time. 
Anyways, this post is a little mini portrait session I did with my room mate one day for fun! This was totally on a whim, I picked out his clothes and we went on a walk around town in New Castle. I really liked how they turned out, and it goes to show that you can truly snap a lot of quality images of someone in less than 20 minutes! 
I love our little downtown area here in New Castle. It’s small, but has a lot of history as an old Colorado mining town and honestly makes for a great photo location in my opinion. I love the old buildings, decayed wood and general atmosphere of our quiet town.
I know he looks like a serious dude, but don’t be fooled – he was giggling for like 5 minutes in between each set of photos ;)


Katie + Kara · Maroon Bells Surprise Proposal · Aspen Snowmass, Colorado Engagement Photographer

Hey y'all! So, for those who don't know, I graduated from the professional photography program at Colorado Mountain College in December. I'm absolutely stoked on this transition into being a full time photographer.
I can now focus on keeping up with the business side of things without assignments, projects, and exams piling up at the same time. I'm grateful for every single lesson, every piece of knowledge that I carry with me into the world of photography, and every bit of support and help from my professors and peers.... BUT I'm so happy to be done and I'm so thankful to be able to really put the time in with my work, my website, social media, etc. Including my blog! Because of school and all of the responsibilities that come with it, I'm really behind on a lot of shoots I want to share on my blog, including this one.
So, Katie actually reached out to one of my professors, Derek Johnston (who is also the head of the photography department, shoutout the awesome Derek!). She asked if there were any photography students who might be interested in shooting her surprise proposal with her girlfriend at Maroon Bells up in Aspen. He reached out to me and gave me her information and within just minutes of talking I was so stoked to help her bring this vision to life.
I had never done anything like this, and we decided I was going to sneakily follow them through the park and shoot the proposal once it happened. Y'all, I was seriously so excited for this new experience... and a little scared because I'm SO not good at being sneaky, hahah!
I brought my lovely boyfriend Kyt with me, and I snuck some photos of him into this post because I was snapping photos of him while we waited for them to show up.
I finally saw them in the outfits she had planned and I followed them through the beautiful area with the best backdrop ever.
After the proposal, we did a freshly engaged shoot and walked around in the beautiful autumn colors. The fall color palette is just absolutely incredible and she really picked the best week for this to happen.
I'm really stoked to share these with you all, because I loved how these turned out and these two girls are just an absolute dream to work with!
AAAaaaaaannnnddddd......drumroll pleeasseee..... I'm shooting their wedding in October in New York City at the Botanical Gardens!! I can't begin to express my gratitude for incredible clients like them who trust in me to bring their celebration of love to life through images and light.
Katie and Kara, I cannot wait to celebrate with you and spend time with you again! Thanks for being an absolute dream and I feel so honored to be your photographer.

Sasha · Cle Elum, Washington · Portrait Photographer

Back in July I visited Washington state for the first time for a family reunion, and surprisingly I've been back since then to shoot a wedding (which I will hopefully be blogging soon).

I already posted once about the family reunion which was held at the Suncadia resort in Cle Elum, Washington. It's a beautiful area and although I honestly prefer the more rural, cabin in the woods type of mountain trip, this was fun as well. Resorts tend to provide lots of random places for photos (like bicycles stacked all on top of each other and rows of mopeds). And it's just a blessing to be able to spend time with family! So, like any photographer I recruited family members into letting me take photos of them. This is my cousin Sasha and we had fun doing a quick 20 minute golden hour shoot!

Here are a few from our little session:



Kayley - Portrait Session · 30A Watercolor, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I've known Kayley since high school, and when we got together to do this shoot, it was so fun to see her for the first time in a very long time! We took photos around Watercolor, which is a beachside community in the town I'm from in Florida, Santa Rosa Beach (or also referred to as 30A which is the main highway that runs through the area).

I go back to Santa Rosa Beach and visit quite often, and I typically do a lot of shooting while I'm there, too! So if you're reading this and you are from that area and you'd like to schedule a shoot, just let me know and I'll gladly keep in touch with you about the next time I will be in town! I absolutely love doing photography sessions when I'm in that area. I know of tons of beautiful spots to shoot at!

So, I just love the way these photos of Kayley turned out. Take a moment and just let it soak in that this was her first time ever getting professional photos taken of her!! (yes, you can gasp now!) She's seriously a natural, and not to mention her makeup skills are freaking on point. If you want to see more of her, she is very active on her instagram page and is always posting super amazing selfies and stories with her makeup skills. (her page is @kayleys_there)

Kat - Winter Portrait Session · Glenwood Springs, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

Here's a shoot with one of my favorite people, ever! The always lovely Kat. These are all from last winter. We had a lot of fun this day, and she is a trooper because I know she was SO cold.

Sarah & Grady's Wedding · Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Wedding Photographer

Yet again, another late post. I shot this beautiful western slope wedding last summer, July 2017. I tend to avoid these huge posts but I do want to share my work with you all!

Anyway! This was a full day wedding photography shoot, I started out with shooting at Sarah's parents house while she and all of her bridesmaids and parents got ready for the day. Sarah and Grady are this super sweet young couple who got married in their church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Afterward we ran away to Juicy Lucy's Steakhouse as they shared a mojito, we snapped a few photos and moved on to their reception, which was at White Owl Ranch in New Castle, Colorado.

I am so thankful to have clients that put their trust in me as their wedding photographer to capture the special moments that occur during this once in a lifetime day. And I am eternally grateful to live on the western slope in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado that offers such gorgeous landscapes, scenes and backdrops to bring these celebrations to perfection!

So, on to the photos, what you really came here to see!

Fire Queen || Colorado Flow Arts Fire Spinning Performer Photographer

Hey y'all, I'm really REALLY attempting to be better at posting. I always say that when I go through these phases of actually posting somewhat consistently... but as I've been working and finishing up school and trying to build my portfolio/social media/website, I've really realized how incredibly important it is to update my blog so that I have new media coming into my website somewhat frequently. I'm always taking photos and theres no reason I shouldn't be updating this more often. So here's to trying to keep up with my blog!! Hope y'all enjoy.

Here's something that as a reader who doesn't know me wouldn't know about me - I spin fire and so do some of my friends! There are lots of different types of flow props that can also be made to spin fire. Mostly I use fire hoops but I do dabble in other props as well - maybe I'll post some photos of myself sometime, but for now I want to share some of these photos of my best friend, soul sister, bfffffffffffffffff, Hassie! I looooooooove taking photos of people dancing, flowing, moving, etc.. there's something so incredibly magical about what you can capture when someone has entered that flow state. Passion just overflows out of their being, it's indescribable to me. You don't have to pose someone or try to make someone feel comfortable when they already are, because they are doing what they love and finding confidence in that.

I could go on and on about flow arts and how incredible the community is, how much I love being a part of it and how much I enjoy shooting photos of people moving so beautifully.. but I'll spare you for now ;)

So, here are some images of Hassie spinning fire fans on our camping trip a few weeks ago at dusk, creating this ethereal back light in contrast to the fire.

Best Friend Appreciation · Seaside, Florida · Portrait Photographer

You know that feeling when your best friend is the cutest thing ever!? And you can't stop taking photos of her drinking her smoothie because she looks so darn precicous!? Yeaaahhhh.... THAT feeling ;) ;)

In all seriousness my friend Katie is extremely cute AND shoutout to my favorite lil raw vegan airstream (and my old job), Raw and Juicy, as the background here.


Happy Wednesday! {October 30, 2013}

The weather this time of year is absolutely beautiful, and it's perfect outside to book photo sessions!

Get out and enjoy the Fall sunshine, be happy to be alive! :)

Here's a Tolkien quote to fuel your Fall wanderlust ~