Britt + Jimmy · Engagement Session · Rifle & New Castle, Colorado

Okay I told y'all I was on a roll! This is my third blog post today and the 5th one this week, I think? If I don't play catch up now, I'll never get all the sessions uploaded that I want to share so I'm just hammering them out and sending out galleries while I'm writing the posts! I love checking off my to-do lists, haha.

So, this shoot is the engagement session of my friends Britt and Jimmy. I absolutely adore their fierce and wild love, and after you look through these photos I think that you will too.
I had been wanting to shoot an engagement session at Rifle Mountain Park in the ice caves for a long time, and who better to photograph there than a pair of ice climbers? Yes, ice climbers. These two are badass climbers no matter the season, I tried to go with them on a simple bouldering excursion once and I ended up getting a grade 3 sprain and tearing all the tendons in my ankle. So, I'm not a badass (no surprise here haha) but it makes me feel like one when I get to capture the love and adventures of these two.
After we wandered around Rifle Mountain Park a bit, we went back to New Castle for some golden hour photos. This session encapsulates the dynamic personality of our beautiful Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado in general. These two locations are only 30/40 minutes from each other and SO drastically different from the foliage to the landscape to the amount of snow.

I'm so appreciative of the couples who are willing to go out and shoot in the wintery conditions because these photos are MAGICAL!
So thank you to Britt and Jimmy for letting me capture your love, being so in love with each other, being such a fun couple to photograph, and for being unapologetically yourselves. I am thrilled to be shooting your wedding this July and to be celebrating your love through captured memories.

Sarah + Gerrilyn · Mother + Daughter Portraits · New Castle, Colorado

This was a very special session to do because this beautiful mother and daughter are two of my dear friends. To say that capturing their relationship in photos is dear to my heart is an understatement. I absolutely adore the love and friendship that they share and I tried to do my best to capture it authentically.
They came to visit the mountains on a whim and we had a magical time exploring. From Crystal Mill surrounded by golden leaves, to walking along West Elk Creek near my house in between canyons, to watching waterfalls flowing at Rifle Falls State Park, we enjoyed every moment together!
There's just so much love here in this session and I'm excited to share it with y'all!

Portrait Photographer Mallory Williams

Ashley & Kyle · Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I'm excited to finally share these! I took these photos of my friends Ashley and Kyle back in November when I was home visiting for Thanksgiving.
This session was all shot at Grayton Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach right off of highway 30A, which is such a gorgeous state park right on the water with a path through the dunes, trees, and foliage. With a dune lake on one side and the ocean on the other, it's absolutely dreamy! I actually do a shoot here probably once each time I'm home because I love it so much.
If you take my recommendation and go there, just please respect the nature of the area, the dunes are fragile and the dune lakes are a very delicate ecosystem. Don't go tromping around in either and stay on the path. Save the tromping around for the sand on the beach :)

Be nice to nature and nature will be nice to you!

Anyway, this was Ashley and Kyle's first photo shoot and I just have to say they absolutely rocked it. We had a blast walking around, laughing, exploring and admiring the beauty during the overcast golden hour.
Hope y'all enjoy the photos!

Kathryn & A Moose! · Maroon Bells, Colorado · Aspen, Snowmass, Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

So, this summer my boyfriend and I went on a camping/road trip around Colorado and as we were driving to the Twin Lakes area I was mentioning how I really want to see a moose. I had never seen one before and I hear about people seeing them all the time here in Colorado! Well, we drive to the reservoir that's near Twin Lakes and low and behold we see two female moose walking into the lake. Not even an hour after we had been talking about them and I was in awe, life's little synchronicities and manifestations never cease to amaze me! Funnily enough as we drove to the South Park area in the Tarryall Mountain Range we ended up seeing a giant male bull moose later that evening! Three in one day, like what!?

Okay, so now fast forward to only a month later and I'm hanging out with my lovely friend Kat, we were planning to hang out, go walk around Maroon Bells and snap some photos. In the car on the way there, Kat is like, "It would be so cool if we saw a moose, people see them all the time and I haven't seen one." So I tell her my story about seeing 3 in one day. And guess what we saw midway through taking photos at Maroon Bells? Yeah.... a freakin' moose!!! And not even 15 feet away from us.
Moral of the story, life is cool like that. And if you ask for moose then life apparently hands them out like lemons, or hot cakes, or something...


So, here's some photos of my beautiful friend Kat frolicking around the Bells and a pretty sweet dude moose chillin and munchin on some grass!


Batey Sisters - Portrait Session · Cle Elum, Washington · Portrait Photographer

One of the things on todays to do list is to write a blog post. So, cheers to checking off items on to do lists!

I'm jumping right into this one. My step dad has a huge family and I really mean huuuuuuuuuuge family. And its incredible how much effort the family puts into the family reunions that they have every 4 years. I've been to 3 of the reunions now and theres no way I've been able to talk with everyone. There are just so. many. people! My step dad has something around 32 first cousins. And thats just one part of the family. Its so impressive how many people turn up for the reunions. And its always a blast, you get to meet family you've never met, eat dinners together, play games and participate in a range of planned activities.

These family reunions are hosted in gorgeous locations, for example the first one I attended was in Whitefish, Montana and the second I attended was in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The one that we attended in July was in Cle Elum, Washington. Although I didn't carry my camera whole lot during the activities of the reunion, I managed to do a few small portrait sessions throughout the reunion. The one I'll be showing you today is of two beautiful sisters, Piper and Sissel. I just had to take advantage of this gorgeous golden hour light that was filtering through the trees while we were all having dinner.



Misty's Coffee Shop · Silt, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

I love caffeine. I love small businesses. I love quaint towns.

So, whats better than a locally owned and ran coffee shop in a small town?!

Misty's Coffee Shop in Silt, Colorado (right on Main Street) is by far my favorite coffee shop in the Roaring Fork Valley. I love this place. Not to mention, it actually got voted best coffee shop in the valley last year. If you wander into Misty's you're very likely to be greeted by Misty herself. She runs this awesome little shop and often she's doing everything herself. It's honestly inspiring. I love seeing young women, like myself, running businesses and just absolutely killing it! And she's not only a killer business owner, but an amazing barista to boot!

From nitro, to lattes made with syrups that were created in house, to on tap kombucha, vegan chocolate chip cookies (YES! YUM), to a good ole drip coffee, this little shop seriously has it all.

I just really had to give this shout out to Misty's because it is well deserved. Misty works hard to make coffee for the people of this small town and all of the people that stop by from their tiring travels on the nearby interstate, and I'm thankful to have such a wonderful coffee shop nearby.

Devin & Hassie · 30A Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I'm on a roll, y'all! I'm posting all my shoots that I haven't shared until I'm all caught up, and I'm honestly proud of myself that I've been getting this done lately. So I'm just giving myself a pat on the back here, because for some reason updating my blog does tend to seem like a chore. But I love the feeling of completing a post and being able to share the magic with people who look at my website! Being able to see a session in its entirety is so different than just looking through a gallery on a website. It tells a story, it allows you to see the interactions between people, and it shows how I personally move through a portrait session. I just think its incredibly valuable to have an active blog and I've been mad at myself for SO long for procrastinating this. So, thanks for looking, y'all! And thanks for reading, too. I hope that somehow through my words you get a sense of who I am. (a rambling, light loving, nature obsessed, storytelling weirdo perhaps?)


Here's a shoot from LAST summer.. yeah I said it, last summer. Over a year ago. But I still want to share it because: 1. These girls are freaking amazing, beautiful, radiant goddesses! 2. They are two of my best friends. And 3.  I think you all will enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Enjoy these light-hearted photos of a day spent with my two favorite ladies + a cute pup (Desza)

Shay + Mitch · New Castle, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

Unless I'm shooting an event or a wedding, I typically don't shoot in the middle of the day. I, like most natural-light-loving portrait photographers out there, chase the golden hour. I yearn for that beauty in all of my shoots.. and I mean allllllll of them. If you schedule a portrait session with me, we are going to be out there chasing that beautiful light in the evening. It makes for the most gorgeous skin tones, atmospheric quality, and overall peacefulness that I aim to create in my work. I mean, how relaxing is watching a sunset? And I love for my clients to feel relaxed and at ease.

Anyhow, I'm sort of rambling here. But my point is, it's the best time of day to shoot, and some of you probably already realize this. And if you're going through my work, hopefully you've noticed some consistency of warm tones and beautiful light coming into the frame of the photo because thats something I want to achieve with most, if not all, of my photo shoots. At least in some point throughout the day!

So, here's some of Shay and Mitch at sunset! These are from a few months back. And I believe I'm shooting with them again soon, so this won't be the last you see of this couple!


Balance in the Ice Caves || Rifle, Colorado || Flow Arts Yoga Photographer

So, I've been going through tons and tons of photos lately, sorting through and finding what I want to put on my website since I've been doing pretty much a complete overhaul. I've been trying to put up-to-date images on here as well as update my bio, contact section, and adding new sections to my galleries.
Because of this I'm finding a lot of images I want to share on the blog! Since I really haven't updated my blog in years until the other day, I have a lot.... and I mean A LOT of photos to share on here. It's hard to decide where to start. I've been sharing just some short little sessions lately, but I want to share some big wedding sessions and portrait sessions here soon.

To be honest, if you're reading this, I post waaaaaaayyyy more on social media than I will on here, but I know there are some people who have stopped by and want to see my work. And here you go! If you'd like to follow my social media I have links to my instagram and Facebook pinned to my website as well as listed on my contact section :)

Now to the photos! For anyone who doesn't know, I live in the infinitely beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I mean, I seriously cannot believe how many natural wonders are within just an hour of my home. I am consistently in awe at the beauty that surrounds me daily, and of all the treasures that are tucked back in these magical landscapes. During all times of the year, the landscape is shifting, building itself up, breaking down into new seasons, it can be hard to keep up with the flow of it all but I love every moment of it.
Near my house are these caves that in the winter, because of water dripping down, slowly build up into these icy wonderland walls of magnificence. Theres a cold stillness when you walk inside of them, the air around you glows a magical blue as the sunlight filters in through the icy pillars, giant icicles hang above your head that hold the power of taking life away if they decide to fall at any moment, your mind is full of wonder as you try to balance on slick, slippery ice floors.... It's incredible to say the least, I don't know how else to describe it, so I'll do what I do and show you in my photos that I took as a small session I did with my friend Dan, who shows me daily how to be present and mindful in every moment... even when you are balancing on a frigid rock within giant icy slopes.






Megan { College Senior Portraits } || Eden Gardens State Park, Seagrove Beach, Florida || Portrait Photographer

Better late than never, right?

I never uploaded these (and so many others…sigh..) to my blog, but I will be uploading photos as I go through them!
These are from spring of 2014, taken at Eden State Gardens.

Enjoy these, Megan is so beautiful!