Caitlin - Maternity · 30A Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Family Portrait Photographer

Hey y'all! As always, I'm bad about keeping up on the blog but I really am doing better. I think this is my 4th post this summer compared the very few I've done for the last few years. Although I'm actively shooting, my website doesn't reflect that. And thats definitely a huge goal of mine right now. I'm actually going to try to do a few posts today and tomorrow because I have so many from this summer I want to share!!
So this first one is from May, my friend Caitlin saw I was visiting Florida and hit me up to schedule a shoot with her and her cute little family.
Caitlin's boyfriend Cody and their daughter Corinne (C, C & C, the cutest! and their new little one is Clover) joined us for a cute maternity shoot, starting at Eden State Gardens and then we moved down to the beach to finish up... because if you know anything about northwest Florida in May, you know what yellow flies and mosquitos do toward the end of the day and we just couldn't handle being at the gardens for too long.
Aaaaaand here is where I say, yay! I live in Colorado and don't have to deal with that on a daily basis, hahah. Shameless Colorado promotion here, folks. Don't get me wrong though, I love Florida. I love the foliage, the wacky people, the beach, the salty wind, the food... it's always going to be my home.

Anyway, thats enough of me rambling.. catch more of my rambling on my next post! Now, to share some of my favorites from my shoot with this precious family.




Solomon Family Portraits {August 2013} | Santa Rosa Beach Photographer

Behind on my blog posts so it's time to catch up!

Here are some photos from my family session with the Solomon family at the end of August.

Busy Summer! || Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, Destin, Florida Family Portrait Photographer

I've had a crazy busy summer!

I just wanted to drop by and give everyone a little taste of my family portraits I did throughout the summer.

So here are some of my favorites from a variety of wonderful families:

Check out these cuties! Older and younger brother showing off those muscles ;)

"I mustache you a question....." ;)

Definitely one of my very favorites that I've taken all year! The entire family brought fake mustaches to the beach, it was absolutely adorable!

Loooove this little cutie! Such a fun day with the Sims family!

Aren't these two ladies so beautiful? I adore this one.

Sisterly love!

I didn't even ask these handsome boys to stand like this, glad I caught it!

Still can't get over this little guys big blue eyes, SO precious!

I love when these huge pieces of driftwood wash up!

Thanks for reading guys, I'll be posting some more soon! E-mail for booking information!

Ruby {1 Year} || Orange Beach, Alabama Portrait Photographer

Hello everyone!

My family has this awesome beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama and once a year over the summer my family and I spend some time there! While we were there it was also my little cousin Ruby's 1st birthday! So I decided to take some 1 year photos of her on the beach.

Baby Georgia {3 Month Photo Session} || Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Portrait Photographer

Hello friends!

A few weeks ago I shot Rebecca and Murray's beautiful wedding, and after that they asked me to take photos of their precious baby girl, Georgia! As you'll soon see she is absolutely gorgeous.

I love taking photos of adorable little ones, and I'm so happy that I get to be a part of capturing Georgia growing up for this happy, beautiful family.