Balance in the Ice Caves || Rifle, Colorado || Flow Arts Yoga Photographer

So, I've been going through tons and tons of photos lately, sorting through and finding what I want to put on my website since I've been doing pretty much a complete overhaul. I've been trying to put up-to-date images on here as well as update my bio, contact section, and adding new sections to my galleries.
Because of this I'm finding a lot of images I want to share on the blog! Since I really haven't updated my blog in years until the other day, I have a lot.... and I mean A LOT of photos to share on here. It's hard to decide where to start. I've been sharing just some short little sessions lately, but I want to share some big wedding sessions and portrait sessions here soon.

To be honest, if you're reading this, I post waaaaaaayyyy more on social media than I will on here, but I know there are some people who have stopped by and want to see my work. And here you go! If you'd like to follow my social media I have links to my instagram and Facebook pinned to my website as well as listed on my contact section :)

Now to the photos! For anyone who doesn't know, I live in the infinitely beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I mean, I seriously cannot believe how many natural wonders are within just an hour of my home. I am consistently in awe at the beauty that surrounds me daily, and of all the treasures that are tucked back in these magical landscapes. During all times of the year, the landscape is shifting, building itself up, breaking down into new seasons, it can be hard to keep up with the flow of it all but I love every moment of it.
Near my house are these caves that in the winter, because of water dripping down, slowly build up into these icy wonderland walls of magnificence. Theres a cold stillness when you walk inside of them, the air around you glows a magical blue as the sunlight filters in through the icy pillars, giant icicles hang above your head that hold the power of taking life away if they decide to fall at any moment, your mind is full of wonder as you try to balance on slick, slippery ice floors.... It's incredible to say the least, I don't know how else to describe it, so I'll do what I do and show you in my photos that I took as a small session I did with my friend Dan, who shows me daily how to be present and mindful in every moment... even when you are balancing on a frigid rock within giant icy slopes.






Fire Queen || Colorado Flow Arts Fire Spinning Performer Photographer

Hey y'all, I'm really REALLY attempting to be better at posting. I always say that when I go through these phases of actually posting somewhat consistently... but as I've been working and finishing up school and trying to build my portfolio/social media/website, I've really realized how incredibly important it is to update my blog so that I have new media coming into my website somewhat frequently. I'm always taking photos and theres no reason I shouldn't be updating this more often. So here's to trying to keep up with my blog!! Hope y'all enjoy.

Here's something that as a reader who doesn't know me wouldn't know about me - I spin fire and so do some of my friends! There are lots of different types of flow props that can also be made to spin fire. Mostly I use fire hoops but I do dabble in other props as well - maybe I'll post some photos of myself sometime, but for now I want to share some of these photos of my best friend, soul sister, bfffffffffffffffff, Hassie! I looooooooove taking photos of people dancing, flowing, moving, etc.. there's something so incredibly magical about what you can capture when someone has entered that flow state. Passion just overflows out of their being, it's indescribable to me. You don't have to pose someone or try to make someone feel comfortable when they already are, because they are doing what they love and finding confidence in that.

I could go on and on about flow arts and how incredible the community is, how much I love being a part of it and how much I enjoy shooting photos of people moving so beautifully.. but I'll spare you for now ;)

So, here are some images of Hassie spinning fire fans on our camping trip a few weeks ago at dusk, creating this ethereal back light in contrast to the fire.