Katie Kramer Portraits {October 2013} | | Santa Rosa Beach Portrait Photographer

If you follow me on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MalloryWilliamsPhotography) or if you've scrolled through my blog before you may have seen some photos of Katie, she's one of my best friends and always a great model in front of the camera!

For this set of portraits we went to the always beautiful Watercolor, climbed trees, hula hooped, did a few outfit changes, and had a great time!

About the hula hoop: the hula hoop pictured is actually an adult-sized hula hoop custom made by ME! I have a hobby on the side, I make custom hula hoops for people of all ages and I sell them out of the house and in the store Coast in Seagrove! So if you happen to be interested in seeing what this is all about you can check out the Facebook page I have: www.facebook.com/StateOfSunshineHoops

Now onto the photos of the stunning Katie Kramer!

Happy Saturday! {June 15, 2013}

I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful weekend!

So I know for some people it can be really hard to stay positive, so I like to make graphics with positive quotes and I think I'll start sharing them here so that I can spread the good energy because you can never have too much happiness and positivity in your day!

This one is from a Florence + The Machine song, Shake It Out and I'm sure a lot of you have heard it :)

Just remember, sometimes things are worse before they are better!

Digital Graffiti 2013 {Alys Beach}

Hi there everyone!

As some of you may know, Santa Rosa Beach is home to many events in which artists can showcase their work in tons of different ways. One of these events is Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach.

Digital Graffiti is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning events I've ever been able to attend. Artists of all kinds are able to project their works of art on the white buildings of Alys Beach. If you aren't already aware, Alys Beach is one of the many small communities within Santa Rosa Beach on 30A. All of the buildings in Alys Beach are white and it's beautiful to look at as it is, but the 2 nights of Digital Graffiti is what really brings everything to life.

My favorite part of DG is that not only are the buildings lit up with the projections of amazing art, but everything is lit up (even the trees and the pool!). It's also really fun for the kids! They have interactive exhibits like a giant Lite Brite, black light painting, and even a giant screen where an artist is continuously drawing over the people walking in front of it.

Now, I'll share with you some of my favorites from the two nights!