Busy Summer! || Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, Destin, Florida Family Portrait Photographer

I've had a crazy busy summer!

I just wanted to drop by and give everyone a little taste of my family portraits I did throughout the summer.

So here are some of my favorites from a variety of wonderful families:

Check out these cuties! Older and younger brother showing off those muscles ;)

"I mustache you a question....." ;)

Definitely one of my very favorites that I've taken all year! The entire family brought fake mustaches to the beach, it was absolutely adorable!

Loooove this little cutie! Such a fun day with the Sims family!

Aren't these two ladies so beautiful? I adore this one.

Sisterly love!

I didn't even ask these handsome boys to stand like this, glad I caught it!

Still can't get over this little guys big blue eyes, SO precious!

I love when these huge pieces of driftwood wash up!

Thanks for reading guys, I'll be posting some more soon! E-mail mallorypwilliams@yahoo.com for booking information!

Ruby {1 Year} || Orange Beach, Alabama Portrait Photographer

Hello everyone!

My family has this awesome beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama and once a year over the summer my family and I spend some time there! While we were there it was also my little cousin Ruby's 1st birthday! So I decided to take some 1 year photos of her on the beach.

Happy Saturday! {June 15, 2013}

I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful weekend!

So I know for some people it can be really hard to stay positive, so I like to make graphics with positive quotes and I think I'll start sharing them here so that I can spread the good energy because you can never have too much happiness and positivity in your day!

This one is from a Florence + The Machine song, Shake It Out and I'm sure a lot of you have heard it :)

Just remember, sometimes things are worse before they are better!

Digital Graffiti 2013 {Alys Beach}

Hi there everyone!

As some of you may know, Santa Rosa Beach is home to many events in which artists can showcase their work in tons of different ways. One of these events is Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach.

Digital Graffiti is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and visually stunning events I've ever been able to attend. Artists of all kinds are able to project their works of art on the white buildings of Alys Beach. If you aren't already aware, Alys Beach is one of the many small communities within Santa Rosa Beach on 30A. All of the buildings in Alys Beach are white and it's beautiful to look at as it is, but the 2 nights of Digital Graffiti is what really brings everything to life.

My favorite part of DG is that not only are the buildings lit up with the projections of amazing art, but everything is lit up (even the trees and the pool!). It's also really fun for the kids! They have interactive exhibits like a giant Lite Brite, black light painting, and even a giant screen where an artist is continuously drawing over the people walking in front of it.

Now, I'll share with you some of my favorites from the two nights!

Baby Georgia {3 Month Photo Session} || Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Portrait Photographer

Hello friends!

A few weeks ago I shot Rebecca and Murray's beautiful wedding, and after that they asked me to take photos of their precious baby girl, Georgia! As you'll soon see she is absolutely gorgeous.

I love taking photos of adorable little ones, and I'm so happy that I get to be a part of capturing Georgia growing up for this happy, beautiful family.

Rebecca and Murray's Wedding {Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet} || Grayton Beach, Florida || 30a Wedding Photographer

I'm a little slow on the blog posts this year, but I'll get better, I promise!

When I was asked to shoot a Rebecca and Murray's wedding, I was so so excited! They've been family friends for years now, and I'm so happy to have seen them tie the knot....but this was no ordinary wedding, it was a surprise wedding! Nearly everyone who was invited thought they were going to be attending Rebecca's birthday party, but as the guests arrived they quickly realized they walked into a wedding and it was so fun to see the reactions.

The wedding took place at Grayt Grounds at Monet Monet which is an absolutely beautiful coffee house with a huge garden in the back for events. The backdrop is absolutely stunning, it really is a perfect location for a wedding.

Rebecca and Murray's wedding was fun and perfect! I'm so incredibly happy for them and their two beautiful children.