Leigh + Kate · New Orleans, Louisiana · Wedding Photographer

Ahhh, I've been wanting to post this one all summer since I shot it! And I am beyond excited to share this with you all because this wedding is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I cry almost every time I'm going through the ceremony images. No joke. I'm an emotional person and if I'm shooting your wedding, I'm probably shooting through tears, haha. The love always hits me right in the feels.

So, some backstory for this one. I never had cousins growing up, I never had anyone in my family who was my age. Everyone was so much older than me. This is because my mom, being the oldest of her siblings and cousins, had me young and therefore I was the only child in the family for at least a decade, if not more. Well, when my grandfather married his wife, my wonderful step-grandmother Anne, I finally got some cousins who were at the very least, somewhat close to my age. And I thought they were the bees knees, especially Leigh. This is because she was the closest in age to me, and the fact that she was slightly older just made me want to do everything she did. Y'all, I thought she was the freakin' coolest girl. But, like most kids that have an annoying younger child practically stepping on their heels, the feeling was not mutual. To be fair, I totally needed someone to pick on me, being the only child of a whole family for a long time, that was one part of growing up that just never happened to me until I met Leigh.

Lets fast forward to the present. Leigh has grown up to be this incredible woman who still inspires me. And even though I'm not physically stepping on her heels trying to follow her around at family functions, I follow her on social media and I'm just constantly amazed at her beautiful writing, her ability to connect with others and tell stories, and her infinitely intriguing adventures. On top of this, she is hilarious... I mean like, really really hilarious. Contagious laugh and all, she had me laughing this whole weekend that I spent in New Orleans.

Basically, she's still the freakin' coolest girl.

Now on to the next chapter of this story. We get out of life and love what we put in to it, right? Right. And that's why Leigh has Kate. Leigh is incredible, so Kate is incredible. Simple as that. I met Kate for the first time when Leigh brought her to the beach to visit my parents and I a while back. You know those people who, upon first meeting, give you the feeling that you can be comfortable and you just feel welcomed? Like, you just stepped into your grandmothers house and she's made you this warm cooked meal and you just feel right at home, because you are? Yeah, Kate is one of those people. She is warm, kind, genuine, and all around the sweetest.

I am so grateful to have been there to capture their celebration of love and commitment to one another. My step dad, Mark, was the officiant of this gorgeous and intimate ceremony in New Orleans City Park, and he is an absolutely incredible speaker, I wish y'all could hear what he wrote. It was so very beautiful, and I hope that you can feel the emotions through these images.

Doing wedding photography never ceases to be an unforgettable experience. Each wedding is so unique and extraordinarily special, every time I leave from shooting a wedding I just feel like I'm glowing from the inside out. Feeling the love exchanged between the bride and bride, the family, and friends is pretty indescribable. I feel so blessed for the people that put their trust in me as their photographer.


Batey Sisters - Portrait Session · Cle Elum, Washington · Portrait Photographer

One of the things on todays to do list is to write a blog post. So, cheers to checking off items on to do lists!

I'm jumping right into this one. My step dad has a huge family and I really mean huuuuuuuuuuge family. And its incredible how much effort the family puts into the family reunions that they have every 4 years. I've been to 3 of the reunions now and theres no way I've been able to talk with everyone. There are just so. many. people! My step dad has something around 32 first cousins. And thats just one part of the family. Its so impressive how many people turn up for the reunions. And its always a blast, you get to meet family you've never met, eat dinners together, play games and participate in a range of planned activities.

These family reunions are hosted in gorgeous locations, for example the first one I attended was in Whitefish, Montana and the second I attended was in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The one that we attended in July was in Cle Elum, Washington. Although I didn't carry my camera whole lot during the activities of the reunion, I managed to do a few small portrait sessions throughout the reunion. The one I'll be showing you today is of two beautiful sisters, Piper and Sissel. I just had to take advantage of this gorgeous golden hour light that was filtering through the trees while we were all having dinner.



Misty's Coffee Shop · Silt, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

I love caffeine. I love small businesses. I love quaint towns.

So, whats better than a locally owned and ran coffee shop in a small town?!

Misty's Coffee Shop in Silt, Colorado (right on Main Street) is by far my favorite coffee shop in the Roaring Fork Valley. I love this place. Not to mention, it actually got voted best coffee shop in the valley last year. If you wander into Misty's you're very likely to be greeted by Misty herself. She runs this awesome little shop and often she's doing everything herself. It's honestly inspiring. I love seeing young women, like myself, running businesses and just absolutely killing it! And she's not only a killer business owner, but an amazing barista to boot!

From nitro, to lattes made with syrups that were created in house, to on tap kombucha, vegan chocolate chip cookies (YES! YUM), to a good ole drip coffee, this little shop seriously has it all.

I just really had to give this shout out to Misty's because it is well deserved. Misty works hard to make coffee for the people of this small town and all of the people that stop by from their tiring travels on the nearby interstate, and I'm thankful to have such a wonderful coffee shop nearby.

Devin & Hassie · 30A Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I'm on a roll, y'all! I'm posting all my shoots that I haven't shared until I'm all caught up, and I'm honestly proud of myself that I've been getting this done lately. So I'm just giving myself a pat on the back here, because for some reason updating my blog does tend to seem like a chore. But I love the feeling of completing a post and being able to share the magic with people who look at my website! Being able to see a session in its entirety is so different than just looking through a gallery on a website. It tells a story, it allows you to see the interactions between people, and it shows how I personally move through a portrait session. I just think its incredibly valuable to have an active blog and I've been mad at myself for SO long for procrastinating this. So, thanks for looking, y'all! And thanks for reading, too. I hope that somehow through my words you get a sense of who I am. (a rambling, light loving, nature obsessed, storytelling weirdo perhaps?)


Here's a shoot from LAST summer.. yeah I said it, last summer. Over a year ago. But I still want to share it because: 1. These girls are freaking amazing, beautiful, radiant goddesses! 2. They are two of my best friends. And 3.  I think you all will enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Enjoy these light-hearted photos of a day spent with my two favorite ladies + a cute pup (Desza)

Shay + Mitch · New Castle, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

Unless I'm shooting an event or a wedding, I typically don't shoot in the middle of the day. I, like most natural-light-loving portrait photographers out there, chase the golden hour. I yearn for that beauty in all of my shoots.. and I mean allllllll of them. If you schedule a portrait session with me, we are going to be out there chasing that beautiful light in the evening. It makes for the most gorgeous skin tones, atmospheric quality, and overall peacefulness that I aim to create in my work. I mean, how relaxing is watching a sunset? And I love for my clients to feel relaxed and at ease.

Anyhow, I'm sort of rambling here. But my point is, it's the best time of day to shoot, and some of you probably already realize this. And if you're going through my work, hopefully you've noticed some consistency of warm tones and beautiful light coming into the frame of the photo because thats something I want to achieve with most, if not all, of my photo shoots. At least in some point throughout the day!

So, here's some of Shay and Mitch at sunset! These are from a few months back. And I believe I'm shooting with them again soon, so this won't be the last you see of this couple!


Kayley - Portrait Session · 30A Watercolor, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I've known Kayley since high school, and when we got together to do this shoot, it was so fun to see her for the first time in a very long time! We took photos around Watercolor, which is a beachside community in the town I'm from in Florida, Santa Rosa Beach (or also referred to as 30A which is the main highway that runs through the area).

I go back to Santa Rosa Beach and visit quite often, and I typically do a lot of shooting while I'm there, too! So if you're reading this and you are from that area and you'd like to schedule a shoot, just let me know and I'll gladly keep in touch with you about the next time I will be in town! I absolutely love doing photography sessions when I'm in that area. I know of tons of beautiful spots to shoot at!

So, I just love the way these photos of Kayley turned out. Take a moment and just let it soak in that this was her first time ever getting professional photos taken of her!! (yes, you can gasp now!) She's seriously a natural, and not to mention her makeup skills are freaking on point. If you want to see more of her, she is very active on her instagram page and is always posting super amazing selfies and stories with her makeup skills. (her page is @kayleys_there)

Kat - Winter Portrait Session · Glenwood Springs, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

Here's a shoot with one of my favorite people, ever! The always lovely Kat. These are all from last winter. We had a lot of fun this day, and she is a trooper because I know she was SO cold.

Sarah & Grady's Wedding · Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Wedding Photographer

Yet again, another late post. I shot this beautiful western slope wedding last summer, July 2017. I tend to avoid these huge posts but I do want to share my work with you all!

Anyway! This was a full day wedding photography shoot, I started out with shooting at Sarah's parents house while she and all of her bridesmaids and parents got ready for the day. Sarah and Grady are this super sweet young couple who got married in their church in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Afterward we ran away to Juicy Lucy's Steakhouse as they shared a mojito, we snapped a few photos and moved on to their reception, which was at White Owl Ranch in New Castle, Colorado.

I am so thankful to have clients that put their trust in me as their wedding photographer to capture the special moments that occur during this once in a lifetime day. And I am eternally grateful to live on the western slope in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado that offers such gorgeous landscapes, scenes and backdrops to bring these celebrations to perfection!

So, on to the photos, what you really came here to see!

Caitlin - Maternity · 30A Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Family Portrait Photographer

Hey y'all! As always, I'm bad about keeping up on the blog but I really am doing better. I think this is my 4th post this summer compared the very few I've done for the last few years. Although I'm actively shooting, my website doesn't reflect that. And thats definitely a huge goal of mine right now. I'm actually going to try to do a few posts today and tomorrow because I have so many from this summer I want to share!!
So this first one is from May, my friend Caitlin saw I was visiting Florida and hit me up to schedule a shoot with her and her cute little family.
Caitlin's boyfriend Cody and their daughter Corinne (C, C & C, the cutest! and their new little one is Clover) joined us for a cute maternity shoot, starting at Eden State Gardens and then we moved down to the beach to finish up... because if you know anything about northwest Florida in May, you know what yellow flies and mosquitos do toward the end of the day and we just couldn't handle being at the gardens for too long.
Aaaaaand here is where I say, yay! I live in Colorado and don't have to deal with that on a daily basis, hahah. Shameless Colorado promotion here, folks. Don't get me wrong though, I love Florida. I love the foliage, the wacky people, the beach, the salty wind, the food... it's always going to be my home.

Anyway, thats enough of me rambling.. catch more of my rambling on my next post! Now, to share some of my favorites from my shoot with this precious family.




Golden Hour at Bud And Alleys · 30A Seaside, Florida Photographer

Another late night update for the blog. It seems like some my most creativity and self motivation for these things comes after the sun goes down. Funny how that happens... I wish days were just like maybe 6 hours longer, I think that would be perfect for me!

Anyways, I was in Florida last month (my hometown of Seagrove) which is this beautifully tucked away beach community on the Emerald Coast, if you've never heard of it. It borders on Seaside and if you've never been there, watch The Truman Show (great movie, even if you never step foot in Seaside where its filmed!). To keep it short and sweet, Seaside and the whole highway of 30A is this somewhat well kept secret of an incredibly beautiful area of the south where new urbanism is flourishing in these beach communities dotted along highway 30A. Until I got older and explored more, I took it for granted and never realized how interesting of a place it was to grow up from 12 years old on.

In the heart and beach front of Seaside is the bar Bud And Alleys (which was also where I worked my second ever real job as a busser my sophmore summer of High School). It's one of most popular bars/restaurants in that area, and for good reason. The sunset view from there is something you can't get at most of the places on 30A anymore with million dollar homes blocking the beach. People flock to Bud And Alley's during the golden hour for the view, toasts with friends, and good food. So, I'll get to it, then! I couldn't resist snapping some photos when I was there in May. The light filtering in was so beautiful, and I wanted to capture a bit of the energy that exists in there.