About Mallory


26 years young. Infinitely inspired by the magic, flow and energy of life. Lover of natural light, animals, the outdoors, hearing peoples stories, and music. I love exciting adventures just as much as I love cuddling up on the sofa and watching movies. My heart exists in the home of two places – the panhandle beaches of Florida and the mountains of Colorado. I’m an adventurous soul with a cautious spirit.  New experiences fuel my passion for life and art.


For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with the magic of lifes every day moments. My passion for capturing these moments on film started around age 10, I would excitedly take my rolls of film up to the local pharmacy store to have them developed. When I turned 12 I joined a photography club and learned how to develop in a dark room. This love for every inch of the process of photography snowballed into a passion that continues to grow in my heart with every moment. This infatuation led me to pursue my own photography business at the age of 19, as well as venture into the professional world with internships, second shooting and varying assistant jobs. My interminable curiosity fuels my appetite for learning more about my camera, and in turn myself, every day.

I aim to capture the genuine, beautiful, and pure sides of life. The real moments that happen right in front of us every day, the ones you really want to look back on.  I want to create memories and meaningful relationships, not just clients. Getting to know you and what you expect from your shoot is extremely valuable to me. Whether its a family portrait session, one-on-one shoot, wedding, event, etc. I will be doing my best to find those authentic emotions that make you and your loved ones so beautifully unique.

I specialize in natural light photography outdoors. Nature is my biggest inspiration, the energy I feel when immersing myself in any natural setting is a feeling I aim to bring to my images. Relaxing, comfortable and peaceful are words that ring true to my approach in portrait sessions. Because of this, I love meeting with any prospective clients before hand, or at the very least have some conversations. It’s important to me that we build your session around your expectations, after all this is all for you!