Britt + Jimmy · Engagement Session · Rifle & New Castle, Colorado

Okay I told y'all I was on a roll! This is my third blog post today and the 5th one this week, I think? If I don't play catch up now, I'll never get all the sessions uploaded that I want to share so I'm just hammering them out and sending out galleries while I'm writing the posts! I love checking off my to-do lists, haha.

So, this shoot is the engagement session of my friends Britt and Jimmy. I absolutely adore their fierce and wild love, and after you look through these photos I think that you will too.
I had been wanting to shoot an engagement session at Rifle Mountain Park in the ice caves for a long time, and who better to photograph there than a pair of ice climbers? Yes, ice climbers. These two are badass climbers no matter the season, I tried to go with them on a simple bouldering excursion once and I ended up getting a grade 3 sprain and tearing all the tendons in my ankle. So, I'm not a badass (no surprise here haha) but it makes me feel like one when I get to capture the love and adventures of these two.
After we wandered around Rifle Mountain Park a bit, we went back to New Castle for some golden hour photos. This session encapsulates the dynamic personality of our beautiful Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado in general. These two locations are only 30/40 minutes from each other and SO drastically different from the foliage to the landscape to the amount of snow.

I'm so appreciative of the couples who are willing to go out and shoot in the wintery conditions because these photos are MAGICAL!
So thank you to Britt and Jimmy for letting me capture your love, being so in love with each other, being such a fun couple to photograph, and for being unapologetically yourselves. I am thrilled to be shooting your wedding this July and to be celebrating your love through captured memories.

Scott + Kerri · Aspen & Basalt Colorado · Engagement Photographer

I'm on a roll right now with my blog posts! I want to make all of my shoots more accessible to my potential clients so that they can see what my work looks like as a whole instead of my favorites that I choose to put in my photography galleries. I just feel like there's a whole lot of value in doing blog posts by showing what an entire session with me looks like. So, I hope that y'all are enjoying seeing these!
Today I'm sharing engagement photos of Kerri and Scott that I took last month!
I met Kerri at an open mic poetry night at the A&M Theater back home in Florida about 6 or 7 years ago. My friends owned the venue at the time and I loved attending all the events and snapping lots of photos. I ended up taking some of Kerri, getting her info and tagging her on Facebook. We've remained friends online ever since and we both ended up moving to Colorado. When she and Scott got engaged she reached out to me about shooting their wedding! It warms my heart that she thought of me and I'm soooo incredibly excited to shoot this precious couple's wedding in October!

So for this session I met Kerri and Scott at the John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen to start. We walked around, took advantage of all the pretty trees, bridges, and pathways. They giggled their way through the beginning of the session and let me tell you, these two are the sweetest little lovebirds. I had a blast!
We had some daylight left once we finished up in Aspen so we headed down valley to Basalt and drove up the snowy road toward Mount Sopris. And I have to commend them for putting up with this overcast, evening chill air because it was pretty dang cold but totally worth it. I looooove the way these turned out with the views of the valley and Sopris towering in the background of some shots.
Hope that y'all love these like I do!

Sarah + Gerrilyn · Mother + Daughter Portraits · New Castle, Colorado

This was a very special session to do because this beautiful mother and daughter are two of my dear friends. To say that capturing their relationship in photos is dear to my heart is an understatement. I absolutely adore the love and friendship that they share and I tried to do my best to capture it authentically.
They came to visit the mountains on a whim and we had a magical time exploring. From Crystal Mill surrounded by golden leaves, to walking along West Elk Creek near my house in between canyons, to watching waterfalls flowing at Rifle Falls State Park, we enjoyed every moment together!
There's just so much love here in this session and I'm excited to share it with y'all!

Portrait Photographer Mallory Williams

Ashley & Kyle · Santa Rosa Beach, Florida · Portrait Photographer

I'm excited to finally share these! I took these photos of my friends Ashley and Kyle back in November when I was home visiting for Thanksgiving.
This session was all shot at Grayton Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach right off of highway 30A, which is such a gorgeous state park right on the water with a path through the dunes, trees, and foliage. With a dune lake on one side and the ocean on the other, it's absolutely dreamy! I actually do a shoot here probably once each time I'm home because I love it so much.
If you take my recommendation and go there, just please respect the nature of the area, the dunes are fragile and the dune lakes are a very delicate ecosystem. Don't go tromping around in either and stay on the path. Save the tromping around for the sand on the beach :)

Be nice to nature and nature will be nice to you!

Anyway, this was Ashley and Kyle's first photo shoot and I just have to say they absolutely rocked it. We had a blast walking around, laughing, exploring and admiring the beauty during the overcast golden hour.
Hope y'all enjoy the photos!

Daniel · New Castle, Colorado · Portrait Photographer

I’m kind of attempting to play catch up right now, I’ve neglected to post on my blog for quite a while now. I’ve done a ton of shoots since Fall and I want to share them with you all! I do try to keep my Facebook and Instagram up to date with content, but my blog falls to the wayside all the time. 
Anyways, this post is a little mini portrait session I did with my room mate one day for fun! This was totally on a whim, I picked out his clothes and we went on a walk around town in New Castle. I really liked how they turned out, and it goes to show that you can truly snap a lot of quality images of someone in less than 20 minutes! 
I love our little downtown area here in New Castle. It’s small, but has a lot of history as an old Colorado mining town and honestly makes for a great photo location in my opinion. I love the old buildings, decayed wood and general atmosphere of our quiet town.
I know he looks like a serious dude, but don’t be fooled – he was giggling for like 5 minutes in between each set of photos ;)