Katie + Kara · Maroon Bells Surprise Proposal · Aspen Snowmass, Colorado Engagement Photographer

Hey y'all! So, for those who don't know, I graduated from the professional photography program at Colorado Mountain College in December. I'm absolutely stoked on this transition into being a full time photographer.
I can now focus on keeping up with the business side of things without assignments, projects, and exams piling up at the same time. I'm grateful for every single lesson, every piece of knowledge that I carry with me into the world of photography, and every bit of support and help from my professors and peers.... BUT I'm so happy to be done and I'm so thankful to be able to really put the time in with my work, my website, social media, etc. Including my blog! Because of school and all of the responsibilities that come with it, I'm really behind on a lot of shoots I want to share on my blog, including this one.
So, Katie actually reached out to one of my professors, Derek Johnston (who is also the head of the photography department, shoutout the awesome Derek!). She asked if there were any photography students who might be interested in shooting her surprise proposal with her girlfriend at Maroon Bells up in Aspen. He reached out to me and gave me her information and within just minutes of talking I was so stoked to help her bring this vision to life.
I had never done anything like this, and we decided I was going to sneakily follow them through the park and shoot the proposal once it happened. Y'all, I was seriously so excited for this new experience... and a little scared because I'm SO not good at being sneaky, hahah!
I brought my lovely boyfriend Kyt with me, and I snuck some photos of him into this post because I was snapping photos of him while we waited for them to show up.
I finally saw them in the outfits she had planned and I followed them through the beautiful area with the best backdrop ever.
After the proposal, we did a freshly engaged shoot and walked around in the beautiful autumn colors. The fall color palette is just absolutely incredible and she really picked the best week for this to happen.
I'm really stoked to share these with you all, because I loved how these turned out and these two girls are just an absolute dream to work with!
AAAaaaaaannnnddddd......drumroll pleeasseee..... I'm shooting their wedding in October in New York City at the Botanical Gardens!! I can't begin to express my gratitude for incredible clients like them who trust in me to bring their celebration of love to life through images and light.
Katie and Kara, I cannot wait to celebrate with you and spend time with you again! Thanks for being an absolute dream and I feel so honored to be your photographer.