Misty’s Coffee Shop · Silt, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

I love caffeine. I love small businesses. I love quaint towns.

So, whats better than a locally owned and ran coffee shop in a small town?!

Misty’s Coffee Shop in Silt, Colorado (right on Main Street) is by far my favorite coffee shop in the Roaring Fork Valley. I love this place. Not to mention, it actually got voted best coffee shop in the valley last year. If you wander into Misty’s you’re very likely to be greeted by Misty herself. She runs this awesome little shop and often she’s doing everything herself. It’s honestly inspiring. I love seeing young women, like myself, running businesses and just absolutely killing it! And she’s not only a killer business owner, but an amazing barista to boot!

From nitro, to lattes made with syrups that were created in house, to on tap kombucha, vegan chocolate chip cookies (YES! YUM), to a good ole drip coffee, this little shop seriously has it all.

I just really had to give this shout out to Misty’s because it is well deserved. Misty works hard to make coffee for the people of this small town and all of the people that stop by from their tiring travels on the nearby interstate, and I’m thankful to have such a wonderful coffee shop nearby.

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