Shay + Mitch · New Castle, Colorado · Roaring Fork Valley Portrait Photographer

Unless I’m shooting an event or a wedding, I typically don’t shoot in the middle of the day. I, like most natural-light-loving portrait photographers out there, chase the golden hour. I yearn for that beauty in all of my shoots.. and I mean allllllll of them. If you schedule a portrait session with me, we are going to be out there chasing that beautiful light in the evening. It makes for the most gorgeous skin tones, atmospheric quality, and overall peacefulness that I aim to create in my work. I mean, how relaxing is watching a sunset? And I love for my clients to feel relaxed and at ease.

Anyhow, I’m sort of rambling here. But my point is, it’s the best time of day to shoot, and some of you probably already realize this. And if you’re going through my work, hopefully you’ve noticed some consistency of warm tones and beautiful light coming into the frame of the photo because thats something I want to achieve with most, if not all, of my photo shoots. At least in some point throughout the day!

So, here’s some of Shay and Mitch at sunset! These are from a few months back. And I believe I’m shooting with them again soon, so this won’t be the last you see of this couple!


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