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I’m on a roll, y’all! I’m posting all my shoots that I haven’t shared until I’m all caught up, and I’m honestly proud of myself that I’ve been getting this done lately. So I’m just giving myself a pat on the back here, because for some reason updating my blog does tend to seem like a chore. But I love the feeling of completing a post and being able to share the magic with people who look at my website! Being able to see a session in its entirety is so different than just looking through a gallery on a website. It tells a story, it allows you to see the interactions between people, and it shows how I personally move through a portrait session. I just think its incredibly valuable to have an active blog and I’ve been mad at myself for SO long for procrastinating this. So, thanks for looking, y’all! And thanks for reading, too. I hope that somehow through my words you get a sense of who I am. (a rambling, light loving, nature obsessed, storytelling weirdo perhaps?)


Here’s a shoot from LAST summer.. yeah I said it, last summer. Over a year ago. But I still want to share it because: 1. These girls are freaking amazing, beautiful, radiant goddesses! 2. They are two of my best friends. And 3.  I think you all will enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Enjoy these light-hearted photos of a day spent with my two favorite ladies + a cute pup (Desza)

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