Golden Hour at Bud And Alleys · 30A Seaside, Florida Photographer

Another late night update for the blog. It seems like some my most creativity and self motivation for these things comes after the sun goes down. Funny how that happens... I wish days were just like maybe 6 hours longer, I think that would be perfect for me!

Anyways, I was in Florida last month (my hometown of Seagrove) which is this beautifully tucked away beach community on the Emerald Coast, if you've never heard of it. It borders on Seaside and if you've never been there, watch The Truman Show (great movie, even if you never step foot in Seaside where its filmed!). To keep it short and sweet, Seaside and the whole highway of 30A is this somewhat well kept secret of an incredibly beautiful area of the south where new urbanism is flourishing in these beach communities dotted along highway 30A. Until I got older and explored more, I took it for granted and never realized how interesting of a place it was to grow up from 12 years old on.

In the heart and beach front of Seaside is the bar Bud And Alleys (which was also where I worked my second ever real job as a busser my sophmore summer of High School). It's one of most popular bars/restaurants in that area, and for good reason. The sunset view from there is something you can't get at most of the places on 30A anymore with million dollar homes blocking the beach. People flock to Bud And Alley's during the golden hour for the view, toasts with friends, and good food. So, I'll get to it, then! I couldn't resist snapping some photos when I was there in May. The light filtering in was so beautiful, and I wanted to capture a bit of the energy that exists in there.